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Saturday, 13 March 2010 15:34

A Very Brief Synopsis of our History

To read a more in-depth history of Pie in the Sky Software, see this page.

Pie in the Sky Software started in the late 1980's.    The first product was a 3D screensaver for DOS called Innermission.   It was a 'TSR' which stood for 'Terminate and Stay Resident' program.    It was shareware and cost $5.00.

The next title was a 3D flight simulator for DOS.   This was released as shareware, and eventually became quite successful.    It was a real thrill to go to a local KMart and buy a copy.

After Corncob there were some commercial retail products.    But the most successful product was the Game Creation System, which was a set of tools which allowed people to make their own 3D games and distribute them without learning to program.

However, when the 3D graphics market exploded, a small company with just a few people could no longer expect to keep up with the fast changes in hardware.   We fell behind and could not keep our game engine competitive.    And so not long into the 21st century we gave up, and everybody involved went back to having normal jobs.

Now after nearly a decade, Pie in the Sky Software is opening its virtual doors again.    The focus will be more about making fun stuff that being a money-producing business.









Many years ago, Pie in the Sky Software created 3D entertainment software for DOS and later for Windows.    Products included


Corncob 3D  -  a 3D flight simulator for DOS written mostly in 16bit 8086 assembler.

Lethal Tender - a 3D First Person Shooter for DOS sold in retail stores.

The Game Creation System - A set of software tools for creating first person 3D games with no programming.



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